How To Cap Cedar Shingles Roof Video Diy

Cedar shingles are a popular roofing choice for their natural beauty and durability. They can last for decades with proper care, but like all roofs, they eventually need to be replaced. This video will show you how to cap cedar shingles so that they look their best and last as long as possible.

How To Cap Cedar Shingles Roof Video Diy

Capping cedar shingles roof is a fairly easy process, but one that should be done properly to ensure the longevity of the roof. In this video, you will see how to do just that.

-Tape measure -Paint brush -Paint roller -Stiff broom -Plywood or roofing felt -Hammer and nails -Cedar shingles

  • Clean the roof of any debris
  • Nail or screw the peak cap in place install the starter strip along the edge of the roof, overlapping the
  • Measure and cut the peak cap to the desired length

below 1. If you have never capped cedar shingles roof before, it is important to do some research on the best way to do it. There are many tutorials online that can show you how to do it properly. 2. Make sure you have all of the supplies you need before you start, including a cap shingle, roofing nails, and a hammer. 3. Carefully remove the old cap shingle, making sure not to damage the underlying

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Treat Cedar Shakes?

Yes, cedar shake decks need to be treated with a fungicide to prevent the growth of harmful fungi.

How Do You Maintain A Cedar Shingle Roof?

Cedar shingles are one of the most common roofing materials. They are easy to maintain, and can provide years of service. You should regularly clean the shingles and remove any debris that may have accumulated. You should also replace any lost or damaged tiles if necessary.

Do Cedar Shingles Need To Be Sealed?

Cedar shingles need to be sealed in order for them to last long. This is because moisture can accumulate on the shingles and cause them to rot.

How Many Years Do Cedar Shakes Last?

Cedar shake roofs will last for anywhere from 10-25 years according to the shake roofing Manufacturer’s Institute.

Should Cedar Roof Shingles Be Sealed?

Cedar roofing shingles should not be sealed as this can cause water infiltration and corrosion of the metal surface.

How Do You Keep Cedar Shingles Looking New?

Cedar shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials in the United States. They look great and can last for many years. However, there are a few things you can do to keep them looking new.

Do Cedar Shakes Need To Be Stained?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some please may prefer not to stain their cedar shake panels because of the potential for using light-colored or other harmful chemicals on the wood. Others may believe that stained cedar shakes help preserve the wood’s natural beauty and make the building look more expensive. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide if they want to stained or untreated cedar shake panels.

Can Cedar Shingles Be Left Untreated?

There is no scientific consensus on whether cedar shingles can be left untreated or if they need to be treated with a sealant. Some experts believe that cedar shingles can suffer from rot andTermites if not treated, while others maintain that untreated cedar shingles are less likely to rot and termites. Ultimately, it is up to the installer to decide whether they will treat their shingles with a sealant or not.


There are a few key things to keep in mind when planning to cap cedar shingles roof video diy. The first is to make sure that the roof space is large enough to accommodate all of the shingles, as well as the associated hardware. If the roof space is limited, it may be necessary to spread the cedar shingles out in order to cover more of the roof. Finally, be sure to take into account the height of your roof and the type of eaves line (pitch or rake) that will be used.

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